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Is this for you???

If you’re navigating mid-life, most are probably telling you to...

❌ Finally do something for yourself!
❌ Enjoy your life!
❌ kick back and find new hobbies
❌ travel a bit


But I feel like there is a much better way to navigate it.


I think it is about …

✅ being whoever the F*ck you want to be

✅ living an authentic, purpose-driven, joy-filled and radiant life

✅ not having to figure this our and do it alone

✅ diving into the darkness and setting your life on fire


If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

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Here's how I can help...


Tune into the ultimate podcast for Midlifers craving unapologetic, authentic living!

Get practical advice on conquering loneliness, igniting your dating life, finding your true purpose, boosting body confidence, and enhancing emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Join me now and let's have some fun together!


The ideal companion for Midlifers going through the journey of finding love again.

An enlightening approach to navigating relationships so you don't have to do it alone.


Are you going through Midlife...
Locked into a box?
Lonely and limited?
Itching to change things up but not sure where to start?
Let's chat and I will be happy to share some insights with you and get you moving in the right direction.
It's time to make some magic happen.

Let me be your soul path companion!

The Power Life Podcast

On the Power Life Podcast, we don’t burn out—we burn brightly.

We don’t hustle for money—we hustle for meaning and purpose.

Fear no longer drives us; instead, we’re fueled by vibrance—emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Let’s break the rules, defy norms, and shatter the status quo to design a life that’s authentic and truly worth living.

New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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Soul Path Seeker - Manifestation Virtuoso - Divine Feminine Lightworker - Adventurous Global Nomad

Hi, I'm Sabine Schoepke


Live an authentic, purpose-driven, joy-filled and radiant life and simply be whoever the F*ck you want to be.