The Divine Feminine Energy

In this episode “The Divine Feminine Energy” of The Power Life podcast, Sabine Schoepke, the host, shares insights inspired by a week spent with her daughter, Allie.

During their time together, Allie got a wing tattoo, symbolizing the importance of not giving up one’s power in relationships, inspired by “The Story of Hassan of Basra.”

This led Sabine to discuss the concept of the sacred feminine energy, derived from tantric traditions, emphasizing that it’s about power, not superficial traits or societal expectations.

Sabine critiques the disempowering messages often found in women’s circles, which promote outdated stereotypes about femininity.

She highlights the need to balance feminine (receptive) and masculine (active) energies for holistic well-being.

Reclaiming divine feminine energy is about embracing one’s authentic self and power, not conforming to external ideals.

Sabine encourages listeners to own their uniqueness, and stay true to themselves, drawing inspiration from her daughter’s wisdom.

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