#12 – Scaling Your Personal Mountains-Embracing Growth

In this heartfelt episode of “Scaling Your Personal Mountains: Embracing Growth,” Sabine dives into the challenges and stresses of significant life changes. The host shares her own tumultuous journey, marked by stress, sleepless nights, and feeling overwhelmed by the mountains she is facing. From selling her business to moving continents, life’s been throwing curveballs, and she is right there with you in feeling the weight of these transitions.

But here’s the twist – these challenges are growth in action. They are not just steps but leaps in our personal journey. Sabine encourages you to voice your own mountains, understanding the power of sharing and verbalizing our challenges. She explores the importance of self-talk and reassurance, remembering our past successes, and trusting in our abilities.

This episode is an invitation to reflect on your accomplishments, to trust in the process, and to remember we have all we need to conquer our mountains. Sabine discusses choosing joy over suffering, being victorious rather than a victim, and embracing the climb. Join her as we learn to conquer our personal mountains with grace, confidence, and a touch of self-compassion.

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