Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Today’s episode “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” of The Power Life podcast explores the theme of finding one’s life purpose, particularly during midlife. Sabine Schoepke, the host discusses how not knowing one’s purpose can trigger a midlife crisis, leading to feelings of panic and existential questioning. 

Initially, Sabine adhered to a practical purpose—meeting financial needs and caring for family. However, about ten years ago, a shift occurred toward seeking a deeper, inner purpose beyond material goals. This led to creating a philanthropic business focused on helping youth transition out of homelessness, inspired by the host’s own experience of being homeless.

Over time, Sabine realized that purpose isn’t something to be forced or rigidly defined. Instead, it naturally reveals itself when you follow your authentic self and engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment. Purpose is felt more than defined; it aligns with who you are at your core.

Key lessons for “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” include trusting the process of life, listening to your instincts, and allowing your true purpose to emerge without societal pressure. The host emphasizes freeing oneself from distractions, societal norms, and the pressure to define purpose rigidly. Instead, be courageous, explore, and play, allowing life to flow naturally and purpose to reveal itself.

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