Breaking Free: The Truth About People Pleasing

In this episode “Breaking Free: The Truth About People Pleasing” the host Sabine Schoepke delves into the complex theme of people pleasing, a personal challenge she confronts.

Sabine starts the episode by sharing a recent personal dilemma where she was forced to choose between relinquishing a rightful claim to money and risking a friendship. This situation prompted her to examine her tendency to prioritize others’ opinions over her own needs, a trait she describes as a “recovering people pleaser.”

Sabine reflects on how people pleasing often served as both a shield and a manipulation tool, disguising her true self to control how others perceived her.

She explores the origins of this behavior, suggesting it can stem from early environmental influences such as demanding parents, which condition children to use pleasing as a survival tactic.

The discussion also touches on the role of people pleasing in gender dynamics, where it sometimes acts as a safety mechanism.

However, Sabine emphasizes that such behavior is ultimately destructive, not just self-preserving, and can lead to distorted relationships based on manipulation rather than genuine interaction.

Sabine advocates for breaking the cycle of people pleasing by practicing self-compassion and setting boundaries, such as not overcommitting and respecting personal time.

She closes the episode by encouraging listeners to embrace authenticity, echoing Dr. Wayne Dyer’s philosophy: “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Enjoy this episode “Breaking Free: The Truth About People Pleasing”.

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