#8 – Breaking the ‘How-To’ Habit: The Power of Depictions over Instructions

Summery / Comments:

In this episode of “The Power Life Coach” podcast, Sabine reflects on a recent European trip, drawing parallels between the ambiance of quaint cafes and the art of meaningful conversation. She introduces the concepts of depictions and instructions, personifying them as a seasoned artist and a charismatic dance instructor, respectively. The artist represents observations and moments that don’t demand a response, while the dance instructor signifies the active following of steps and sequences in life.

Sabine expresses concern about the prevalence of instructional living—following societal norms, academic programming, peer pressures, and media bombardment—arguing that this approach often drowns out our authentic, introspective voices. She advocates for a life that embraces depictions, where individuals understand their personal landscapes and craft their own paths. Sabine compares her coaching role to that of a Lakeside companion, teaching the art of fishing for lifelong sustenance rather than providing temporary solutions.

The episode emphasizes the importance of authenticity and finding one’s own answers by tuning into personal frequencies. Practical advice is offered, suggesting a shift from exhaustive how-to lists to a simpler focus on desired feelings. Sabine shares a personal experience at a networking event to illustrate the power of showing up authentically.

In conclusion, the podcast encourages listeners to depict their world, understand their desired feelings, and carve their own path. Sabine invites listeners to her membership program for deeper guidance, ensuring that she is available for support and conversation at the metaphorical cafe anytime.

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