#7 – Harnessing the Power of Motivation and Discipline

In this insightful episode of “The Power Life Coach”, Sabine Schoepke discusses the crucial topic of motivation. She explores how one can drive oneself to action, rather than idly waiting for motivation to spontaneously occur. Sabine highlights the detrimental effects of expressing aversion or dread towards tasks, emphasizing how such negative language can create roadblocks leading to procrastination and excuses.

Through the use of positive, empowering language, she advocates for creating a motivating mindset, advising listeners to reframe their tasks in an enjoyable light. Sabine also underlines the significance of setting small goals as a strategy to overcome initial reluctance and to start building momentum.

Sabine makes a clear distinction between motivation and discipline. She describes motivation as the energy source that sparks action, while discipline serves as the sturdy foundation that facilitates steady progress. To enhance motivation, Sabine encourages fostering self-awareness and understanding personal triggers and drivers.

Sabine Schoepke 6