#21 – The Inner and Outer Games of Life

In this enriching podcast episode, I delve into the compelling dichotomy of life’s “inner and outer games,” building upon the themes of introspection and extrospection discussed in episode 20. The inner games, rooted in consciousness and self-awakening, are identified as essential pathways to realizing our true selves and fulfilling our universal purpose. Conversely, the outer games, encompassing the pursuit of accumulation, power, and fame, are often played from a place of fear and inadequacy, driven by societal norms and expectations.

I recall a touching video with Gary Vaynerchuk that highlights a profound message: our worth is intrinsic and not contingent on material success or social media clout. With this revelation I urge listeners to shift focus from external validations to self-belief, potentially transforming personal joy and success.

I encourage my listeners to play outer games with joy rather than fear, suggesting that such an approach can alleviate life’s struggles and enhance overall well-being. It celebrates the enriching aspects of life, such as creativity, family, community service, personal development, and the pursuit of adventure, emphasizing their contribution to a fulfilling life.

The crux of the discussion is the transformative power of focusing on the inner game. I share personal insights, including a life-altering decision to embrace a nomadic lifestyle in Europe, illustrating how inner growth can redefine our engagement with the outer world. My narrative underscores that true happiness and success stem from internal development rather than external achievements.

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their motivations for engaging in life’s games, with an invitation to prioritize inner growth over societal pressures. I conclude the episode with a call to action for listeners to embrace their journeys, find joy in personal development, and share the podcast’s message of love and self-discovery.

Sabine Schoepke 6