#18 – Unexpected Turns: Lessons in Reinvention

In this episode I share my recent experiences from the snowy German Alps, where I’ve embarked on a new chapter in my life as a nomad. Upon arriving, I was unexpectedly struck by the flu, marking my first illness in nearly a decade. This sudden sickness threw a wrench into my plans of immediately diving into a new life and work.

As I lay there, sick and alone, I struggled with feelings of loneliness, frustration, and anxiety. I questioned my decision to uproot my life, feeling disconnected from my family and friends. It led me to a moment of self-reflection, realizing that I had overlooked the importance of self-care.

I recognized that reinvention isn’t just about changing locations or routines; it’s about transforming the way we approach life. I had brought the hustle and pressure of my big city life with me, which I now understood needed to be released. I realized that keeping busy had been a way to avoid facing some deeper fears and challenges.

Throughout the episode, I discuss the journey of facing these fears, understanding the need for personal growth, and embracing the process of self-discovery. I touch upon the physical aspect of health and its importance, especially as we age and go through various life experiences. I also recount how I pulled myself out of the negativity, focusing on my dreams and aspirations, and the excitement of exploring new places and parts of myself.

I reflect on the hard work of detaching from my old life and the real work of reinvention that lies ahead. I draw inspiration from Theodore Roosevelt’s quote, “The Man in the Arena,” which resonates deeply with my current journey.

Finally, I encourage my listeners to check out my website, ThePowerLifeCoach.com, for more insights and tools for their own journeys of reinvention. I conclude the episode by expressing hope that my listeners can see a part of themselves in my story, whether they are looking to up their game, reinvent themselves, or simply kick some ass.

Sabine Schoepke 6