#15-Finding Harmony Amidst the Struggle

In this episode, I explore the theme of finding harmony in life’s challenges, sharing personal insights and experiences. Despite facing cancer again, I’ve maintained a calm outlook, a reflection of my belief in tackling problems head-on and moving forward. This approach was tested in a life-changing event back in 2007, when a fire destroyed a significant investment and led to financial turmoil. It marked a pivotal moment in my life, leading to the end of a key relationship but also the birth of a new business venture that truly resonated with my heart.

My philosophy is to always look for the silver lining, viewing struggles as opportunities for growth and learning. I emphasize the importance of faith over hope, finding peace and harmony even in chaos. Effective decision-making and leadership come from this place of calmness.

The episode concludes with a call to action: start small in facing challenges, build resilience, and transform struggles into opportunities for growth. I encourage listeners to embrace their challenges, reminding them that every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise. 

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Sabine Schoepke 6