Reframing Self-View: A Midlife Transformation

My personal journey entry for today:

You can also watch it here.

There is a definite relationship between the life we live and our internal thought patterns. It is impossible for us to be successful and happy unless we mentally identify ourselves with our desires. Consciously or unconsciously we must have a mental pattern of what we wish to become.

So, I started getting into the habit of mentally seeing myself the way I truly and authentically want to be. That for sure means quitting all of the BS where you see yourself as a failure, not enough, or just not cut out for stuff.

So start painting that mental picture of yourself and revisit it over and over again. It’s been an absolute game changer for me.

For more on this and some other midlife musings, check out episode #23. Let’s crush this midlife game together and make this the best part of our lives.🚀