Has anyone ever made you feel like a bad parent? πŸ˜”

Well…tell them to kick rocks!! πŸͺ¨

And here is why:

Let’s take the example of GUILT – one of my most dreaded parental feelings.

I’ll be real with you. Even with my twins nearly hitting the big 2-1 and living their own amazing lives, I still grapple with parental guilt.

Like, moving to another continent? You better believe those mom guilt alarms were going off like crazy.

And many of my friends did not help. They kept bringing it up as well – β€œWhat about your kids?”

I understand now that no matter how old they get, that urge to put them first will never really fade. It’s like a badge of honor we wear after two decades of being in the parenting trenches.

But here’s what I discovered about this:

We don’t have to buy into that idea that being a good parent means sacrificing everything for our kids.

Nope, not buying it.

We can prioritize ourselves and still be awesome parents. In fact, it’s crucial for both us and our kiddos’ well-being.

So, let’s flip the script, shall we?

Let’s embrace this new phase of parenting.

Let’s enjoy it.

Live happily and authentically.

Because guess what?

The happier we are, the better parents we are.

And you know what?

We AND our kids deserve every ounce of that happiness. πŸ™ƒ 😊

And if anyone ever made you feel like a bad parent? Then they are the ones who don’t get it. πŸ’ͺ 😜

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Your Midlife Disruptor friend,

Sabine 🫢