Happiness is in our Hands

My #1 Life Lesson from this week’s trip to Athens:

(& 🚀🎮 Life’s Games Week Wrap-Up this Week’s Podcast Episode #21🚀🎮!!!)

I am currently in the heart of where it all began, Athens 🏛️ – the cradle of the Olympics 🏅 & philosopher’s paradise 📚.

My takeaway?

“Your Games. Your Life.” 🎲❤️

Aristotle hit it right: “Happiness is in our hands.” 🤲💫

My call-to-action for you: Choose your (inner and outer) games wisely; they craft your existence.

Tune into episode #21 of my podcast 🎧, where I go into the amazing games of life we play and the impact they have on our lives and happiness.
And most importantly, how we can CHOOSE the games we play so we get to live the life we love.