Finding Bliss in Being Alone

If you find it difficult to be alone, without people wanting or needing something from you, this message is for you.

Over the last four months, I embarked on a journey of solitude, living a monk-like existence in the mountains. During this time, I confronted a deep-seated struggle: being alone.

Since childhood, solitude had been painted in dark strokes. Sent to my room as punishment—alone. Warned that certain behaviors would leave me—alone. Observing individuals sitting by themselves at restaurants or bars, I internalized a narrative that equated solitude with sadness.

But here’s what I discovered: being alone does not mean being unwanted or unworthy. Solitude is not a punishment; it is a profound opportunity for healing and enlightenment. 🌿

I realized, that being alone can be incredibly blissful. It allows us to reconnect with ourselves, to grow, and to heal. Like the seasons, our social landscapes change. Being alone is as temporary—or as permanent—as we choose it to be.

To those who feel uncomfortable in their moments of solitude, remember this: You are complete and beautiful exactly as you are. Whether you are alone, with one person, or surrounded by fifty, your value remains the same.

So, if anyone makes you feel lesser for enjoying your own company, stand tall and tell them confidently to go fly a kite. You are all you need—alone or in a crowd.

Wishing you all an amazing and blissful day filled with the kind of solitude that enriches your soul. 💖

Your friend,
Sabine 🫶

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