Are You Driven by Joy or Fear?

🌟 Let’s start off the week with a BANG!! 💥

What inner games are you playing? 🤔 Are they driven by ❤️ and joy, or fear? Are they truly about what you desire?

Your inner games determine your life’s destiny. 🌈

And you are the master of the games you are playing. It’s nobody else’s responsibility but yours. 🎮

Is the result a life that is fulfilling and authentically YOU 🌟 or are you living somebody else’s life?

With my own personal reinvention, I’ve gone back to mindfulness practices that include walking meditations 🚶‍♂️, journaling 📖, and self-reflection 🤗 to truly and wholeheartedly embrace my universal purpose and embark on a path of authentic self-reinvention.

This week, observe and ask yourself: what is driving me in this moment? Am I doing it out of love and joy, or is it fear? 🧐

This week join me in my podcast “The Power Life” episode #21 and together we will discover the inner games YOU are playing. 🎧🌺