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The mind creates its own thoughts 95% of the time; which means that we are truly only in control a mere 5% of our waking hours. It’s believed that our thoughts create our reality; therefore our suffering comes from thoughts that do not serve us in a healthy manner. These negative thoughts can include past wounds, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy, and future worries.

Our mind's brilliance is also our greatest curse. Negative and challenging experiences can create triggers, or an upheaval in emotions. Our mind tries to keep us safe by trying to be comfortable in order to give us a sense of security.

The key to success, happiness, and feeling secure is managing our mind and our thoughts. Sabine Schoepke has effectively developed a low-cost membership as a supplement to her podcast, to help members work through how to manage thoughts, transform mindsets, and create a more joyful life filled with love, money, and freedom.

Ask yourself… Are you at a crossroads? Are you ready to reinvent yourself? The Power Life Membership Program will help you gain clarity and ignite momentum to transform your life.

Welcome to The Power Life...

Designed to help you manage your thoughts and transform your mindset, the tools used will ignite momentum to create a more joyful life filled with love, money, and freedom.

Over the past 35 years, Sabine has crafted this program by drawing on extensive research, personal experience, and success throughout her life. Now she shares it with you, as a supplemental tool to create change faster.

Proven techniques will guide you in developing a new mindset, so you can achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. Beneficial for managing stress, enhancing confidence, alleviating sleeplessness, and reducing anxiety, the Membership Program gives you topics to consider, and mind hacks to accelerate your transformation.

The Power Life Membership Program is easy to follow and adaptable to your unique needs, so you can make lasting changes. With the right mindset, anything is possible, whether it’s emotional, physical, or professional. We are excited that you’ve committed to transforming your life into what you envision it can be.

Let's get started! Take control of your mind and live the life you dream of!

The Power Life Membership Program is available for just the price of one coffee per month! Designed for you to work at your own pace, with topics supported by The Power Life Podcast, you’ll be able to bring about real, tangible, transformation in your life.

The resources and guidance are YOUR tools for change, to help you navigate from survival mode to a life of purpose and fulfillment. It takes commitment and a desire to change, but with the support of The Power Life, you’ll be re-writing your life’s script to create a brand new outlook.

Are you ready to rewrite your story, truly enjoy every day, and feel amazing? This is the beginning of your new life!!


Price $4.99/month

Price $4.99 /mo

Price $4.99 per month

The Power Life Membership Program Includes:

The Power Life Podcast:

Every week, members can listen to each new podcast, where Sabine talks about a variety of topics, including Growth, Resilience, Clarity, Manifesting, How to Break a Habit, Motivation, Discipline, and Choices versus Decisions.

The Power Life Membership Modules:

In addition, you'll receive access to a library of modules that will inspire you to dive deeper on the Podcast topics; an opportunity to gain more clarity on your own beliefs, what mindsets you wish to change, and how to shift into creating better habits and patterns.

The Power Life Weekly Newsletter:

Lastly, you receive a weekly newsletter, filled with insights, inspirations, and raw reflections from Sabine’s own journey, as motivation for you to discover your own authentic path.

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